Thursday, May 13, 2010

Introducing Supa Kat

So I'm working on this summer coloring comic book concept called Supa Kat, I been having a lot of fun sketching up character designs and what not for it, Basically Supa Kat is a cross influence between Mickey and Dragon Ball (u'll see someof that soon) but this is a WIP for my intro cover wut do you think?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Last but not least

As you can see I like to go on post raves lol but this is my final one for tonight. I finished my lovely Hot Girl Alert photo and I'm pretty happy with it, I might have to save it for some side opportunities;)

I Love my momma and so does my sister

this is just a lil somethin me and my talented sister collabed on ffor mother's day, you could tell i was squeezed for time because of finals but i still like it, plus its from the heart:)


Im starting to get a bit of a grip on this photoshop rendering thing, i did a study of a stunning photograph my sister did of one of my best friends, this is the result:)

Jus a lil side fun

Soo I recently got in contact with dj EV and am messin around wit some drawing techniques for a dope lil piece for him this is the initial drawing with a lil photoshop action, but after an exchange of words from a friend i'm thinkin about trying to blend my graphic style with my highly rendered style. Wish me luck!

Ahhh finals almost over!

Yea I'm about ready to tear my hair out then go into hibernation for all the sleep i've lost lately but i'm seein it start to pay off my atlantis piece is as done as its gonna be and I'm pretty darn happy with it check me out!

Friday, May 7, 2010

This was fun

A while back my friends and I came up with a little comedy skit, it was a fun and corny Idea I hope to continue soon enjoy!

The glorious final

i'm pretty happy with how this one came out,, hard work and some experimentation.

And Then there's Understar..

i'm still up on screened but the personal creation is underway:)

friends draw friends

This is jus a lil thing i did for my main man Sean McGee, It's always fun messin around wit photoshop, the Alan Astro Series tought me a few new tricks i figured i'd use em:)


gotta love hot girls.... gotta love robots... gotta love robots that identify hot girls:)

Just a preview for the scene

And theres Qui Lan

The Queen of the Shei-on's,, yea yea i kno these are pokemon influenced i been in love with Ken Sugimori and some Chamba and they definitely show through i this project check it out!

Khenak is Coming

This is an almost final design of the creature khenak from the Alan Astro series

Alan Astro

So since I've been gone the Alan Astro series was born, a future bred space adventure forced into the position of exploring new worlds for alternate energy sources and knowledge. I'm about to post the prlim character sketches then some lovely finals:) enjoy!


so because of my laptop dilemma i lost the mor finalized version of this but i figured it deserves a post. FREE WAYNE!

Ahh back with a Bang!

I've been absent from the blogfor a long while but i'm glad to say I have a good amount of art to show for that period. Tons of posts coming ASAP!