Monday, September 21, 2009

Heartfull conversation

Yet another design idea feedback would be appreciated:)


Well this post is more of a personal insight than that of my previous ones, I had a pretty solid weekend, i did my share of dirt but in the end im content with myself, i had a long talk with my homie last night just debating over relationship stuff. And how hard it is to let go of something you love. I know many out there feel my pain when someone comes into your life thats so full of everything you want at that moment, and relates to you in that aspect, I Found myself weighing out the pros n cons of my situation and still came at a stand still, I'm hoping what i need comes to me, and with that I'm done rambling sorry for the indirectness, I still have my shield up so i can only vent so much lol

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Takover is coming!

So i'm arranging some meetings with some stores about my clothing line, UNDERSTAR is on its way to the streets!


The random stuff on the internet never fail to amuse me.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

This was o so Necessary

If u don't know Kanye has been out of a lot of people's good graces because of his actions... lol he's givin a legit apology this time.

Monday, September 14, 2009

If Anything You Have to See the Art Behing these Photos

So I checked out Mary-Kate and Ashley's Fashion line Elizabeth & James and must say even if i wouldn't wear the clothing the photos are definitely dope. The eerie unreal feel to these photos really send it over the edge i enjoyed them i hope u guys do as well! check them out via Loudreams

Cudi's Album is a Certified Classic

Just watching the growth of Cudi as an artist has been amazing he's truly creating a new era for the genre of Hip-Hop i'm 100% behind this dude!! Man on the Moon is ill!!

My Apologies...

Indeed it has been a while since I've made a post but i'm tryna keep up on it for friends or any family that wants to keep up with my activities whether its art, music, business or anything else i'm involved in. I'm looking for someone who wants to help me out managing this shit tho!!! lol Here's a few lil posts for my absense:)

Thursday, April 2, 2009


I love this performance, it looks like it woulda been so fun to be there, shout outs to Bobby Ray thats a talented dude!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Understudy.... lyrics i'm proud of lol

really what i want to be

honestly somethin that could never be

but possibly

unity between you and me

cuz i kno were on the same page but since the shows started cant be on the same stage

cuz i'm only understudyin

titled as a buddy and

tho i know the lines of the starring role

i joined the cast too late

and now i'm past due dates

but i cant but just to think if the position was stole

what would it be like to share those passing moments

the love scenes when i get the chance to kiss and hold her

to be lead as the king, and she my queen

cuz tome jus seems his role is incomplete

cuz he always messin up the lines

and he don't be comin into the rehearsals on time

and tho i'm eager jus to act it out

she tells me that she cares to be without him

every since i made my debut up on the cast

i always try to be the one to make her smile or laugh

never asked or even tried to take his place

but truthfully i know that could be my perfect place..

with her as my co-star so far from everything

her personality attracts me morethan anything

gallantly is myapproach to have her feelin me

the ambition to be the star is whats refilling me

and as a new chapter puts obstacles within our realm

im off for another endeavor of my own to film

but hopefully i find th right actress

a co-star as perfect as she is...

Damn i neglect my blog lol

I'm feeling fresh and new, creative once more..... me not been not as stressed out prolly had something to do with it but never the less i'm back!!! I've been looking into alot of motivational music nowadays so i should be comin with a lot of posts this week. First off I'm back on my "The Anamoly" project so i MIGHT post a couple non-myspace exclusives here so if you follow me or my music.... be on the lookout.... if ou don' this right here and investigate!>>>>

Monday, March 16, 2009

this is a book cover redesign we had to do for class i think it came out pretty well.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I know I know...

I know this mixtape is old but i've been feeling it lately u gotta love some colin munroe... download his mixtape here

Charles Hamilton is the truth...

he jus spits forever in this track!

Digital sketch

This is my first digital painting done in Corel Painter i feel like i grasped the program pretty well:)

Tryna get the moneyy!!

For all you bloggers out there who need logos or designs hit a brotha up!! u'll be seeing more of my work soon!

Oooh Yeezy's Loui Shoe!

Damn expensive but i still wish i could have these bad boys. I heard they're supposed to run at $990!! sheeesh! Its for all you big spenders out there! check out this site to see the rest of the line as well as a funny assortment of comments on the subject of the high end Loui Vuitton sneaker and how no one can afford them lol...

Cudi Got a track n a video game... doin it big!!

Switchin Lanes-Kid Cudi
click to download shout out to dajaz1 for the update!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I'm Finally Here!

Well here i am world of bloggers! Its ya boi Shep City the Anomoly here with the Daily Anomoly... you might ask what exactly that means, well it means I'll be bringing an anomoly to the world least in my eyes, by definition an Anomoly is something that deviates from the norm or from expectations. And that's what i'm searching for moreso sweet shit that stands out and deviates from the crowd. You may see some interesting music, art, videos, games, and poetry all beings posted so keep your eyes peeled and subscribe to the daily Anomoly!!!